Jessie Murray

I am a professional model. That strives to the best that I possibly can. I am extremely dedicated and passionate about the modeling industry. I am a single parent, I work hard and make sure to be a positive role model for all ages.


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Quotes Jessie, I love you. You are probably the nicest person I've ever met. I can't wait to see you and model with you. You're so amazing, Jessie! Quotes
Bethany Renee
Best Friend

Quotes I am proud of my beautiful daughter.She has always been beautiful in my eyes.I am just glad that everyone else gets to see how talented she is.I was blessed with the most beautiful,wonderful daughter a father would be happy to have.I love you,Jessie.Hugs and kisses from daddy. Quotes
Edwin Murray

Quotes I am so proud of my daughter.She has done an amazing job on her website.She will go far in life.She has always been a shining star.I love you baby. Quotes
Patricia Murray
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