Jessie Murray

I am a professional model. That strives to the best that I possibly can. I am extremely dedicated and passionate about the modeling industry. I am a single parent, I work hard and make sure to be a positive role model for all ages.


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Quotes I have been watching Jessie throughout her modeling career.She keeps getting better and better. I am proud of her accomplishments and can not wait to see what else she will do.Blessed be. Quotes
She is amazing

Quotes I have watched her grow into the beautiful woman she is today, and I could not be more prouder than I am right now of all her hard work, determination, beauty, and overall talent she has always possessed. She will continue to strive and be the perfect person she has always been, and then some. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and I look forward to working with you in the future! Quotes
Antuan Mosley
President, Krimcuree Productions

Quotes Had a lot of fun working with her. She was laid back and easy to work with. She changed looks very easily Hope I get to work with her again Quotes
Lost in the night

Quotes If there is anyone that I know who works harder than ever to do what they love, it's Jessie Murray for sure. I am so proud of all her accomplishments, and I am looking forward to seeing her in the future, and working with her for some of my upcoming projects. Quotes
Antuan "Kriminal" Mosley
Founder, Krimcuree Productions

Quotes Jessie,is an amazing model and an amazing person. She is a great mother. She is hard working as well. Not many girls have accomplished as much as she has at a young age. This girl will go far in life. She has my support. Jessie you make us all proud. Hope you and your family have an amazing holiday and an amazing new years. Can not wait to see more new pictures. Quotes
Happy Holidays

Quotes Had a very productive shoot with Jessie when she was in Ohio last year, and she was great to work with. At that point she had not done a lot of art nude work, so I was curious to see how she'd do. She took to it right away, and gave me beautiful graceful interpretations of my pose suggestions and expanded on the ideas. She had an ideal figure for art nudes, too -- slim with some nice definition, but still curvy and very feminine. Perfect breasts, great skin, required little to no retouching. We shot in a vacant space, and she was not afraid of the dust and dirt on the floor and walls. I just wish I'd shot with her more while she was in town! Recommended! Quotes
Would love to shoot her again!

Quotes This wonderful person right here has the true talent that most would ever dream of having. I am pleased and honored to know her, and to continue following her in all that she attempts in her life. And with her now being a mother, I know for sure that she will be one of the greatest mothers to her child. My thoughts, prayers, and my support will be forever hers. :) Quotes
Antuan L. Mosley
Krimcuree Productions

Quotes I recently worked with Jessie on location at Table Rock Park. Working with was fun and exciting, she was very professional and we got some great shots. I recommend her to any professional photographer who wants to work with a young, fun, exciting, wonderful model. I look forward to working with her again. Quotes

Quotes Jessie Murray has been without a doubt one of the biggest names out there right now. Her determination in all she does is amazing. There's nothing that she can't do. I am so happy to see all of her work pay off in more ways than one, and for that, our support for her will continue, and be stronger than ever. Continue to show love her way, and I know she'll go farther than ever before. Jessie, I am eternally grateful for sharing your beautiful talents to the world. Keep up all the great work. :) Quotes
Antuan "Kriminal" Mosley
President, Krimcuree Productions

Quotes I had the pleasure of photographing with Jessie for a recent glamour session at my studio. She is a lovely and intelligent young woman who impressed me with not only her professionalism but her passion for modeling -- continually creating opportunities to better her skills and her portfolio. She is an excellent communicator, responding to our messages in a very timely manner from initial contact through completed photos. She arrived right on time, enthusiastic, and prepared to shoot. In front of the camera, Jessie took direction well, and was very willing to try many different styles and concepts. She was equally-invested in a quality result, and our photos bear those results, having received "picture of the day" recognition from a respected modeling website. I expect Jessie to continue climbing the modeling ranks, and I look forward to working with her again. Quotes
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